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Licenses and Regulations for Sober Living Homes

In general, individuals with a history of vagrancy, incarceration or inadequate social support are at high risk of relapse. But sober living homes can be beneficial for anyone in recovery who does not have a supportive, substance-free environment to go home to. Numerous studies have shown that most people who live in sober homes after attending treatment have low rates of relapse and are able to live productive lives.

  • In addition, some legal practitioners in the field, like attorney Kim Savage, assert that sober-living homes are subject to federal and state privacy protections along with the protections under the FHA and ADA (Savage, 1998).
  • By Julia Childs Heyl, MSW

    Julia Childs Heyl, MSW, is a clinical social worker and writer.

  • In sober living homes, you can learn essential skills and techniques for recovering addicts before returning to your everyday life.

They also often come with additional mental health, medical, recovery or educational services that help people get accustomed to their new lives. Alcohol and substance abuse addiction is a cognizable “disability” for the purposes of both the FHA and ADA. Licensure is technically required in a few states, including New Jersey and Utah. However, recognizes limited exceptions for self-run sober living houses that follow the “Oxford House” model. In addition, Arizona, which allowed localities to create their own ordinance standards for structure sober living facilities, has just passed a new law that requires statewide sober home licensure. Pursuant to these types of mandatory licensing laws, operating a sober living facility without a license may result in serious penalties and even criminal charges.

Sober-Living Regulations throughout the Nation, Part I

Sober living homes are constructed more like private dwellings, providing residents with greater privacy and comfort. When you’re seeking help while working on your sobriety, it’s crucial to know the difference between TOP 10 BEST Mens Sober House in Dorchester MA in Boston, MA January 2024 sober living and halfway houses so you can figure out which is best for you. One thing to keep in mind is that the phrase “halfway house” has grown to signify different things in different parts of the country.

Over the years, sober living houses have evolved to meet the needs of those in recovery. As such, sober living associations now make finding a residence easier. https://accountingcoaching.online/is-it-narcissism-or-alcoholism/ There are also plenty of independent sober living houses that have not changed their protocols much since the late 1940s when these residences came to be.

What Is A Sober Living House?

Additionally, residents must agree to a number of rules when they move in. There is no in-house treatment or requirement to attend a specific recovery program, but 12-step participation is popular in Oxford Houses. A new house member must be interviewed by current residents and must receive an 80 percent vote of approval to be accepted.


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